Weight Loss Tips From Cork Hypnotherapist

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weight loss tips corkThere are some very simple weight loss tips that I can share with you. These come from my experience in helping people to lose weight through hypnosis using the world famous Hypno-Band gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy method.


Weight Loss And Health

The first and most important thing anyone can do when considering losing weight is to visit their GP in order to rule out any potential medical issue such as underactive or overactive thyroid function which may play a part in your weight loss issue. Once your doctor rules out any medical reason for your weight problem, then you are faced with the responsibility of actually doing something about weight loss yourself.

Three Weight Loss Tips

I always tell people that losing weight permanently does not need to be a major thing. Like all journey’s, weight loss begins with the first step, and I think it is so much easier to change one thing at a time and make those changes permanent. Here’s some things you can do today to kickstart your weight loss journey and start making progress towards your ideal weight

  1. Drink more water – most people do not drink the recommended amount of approximately 2 litres per day. Do remember though not to drink with your meals, except for maybe small sips. your main consumption of water should be at times other than mealtimes.
  2. Slow down your eating. Most people eat far too fast – in fact most people eat their dinner in just a couple of minutes. If that sounds like you, slow down. Multiply your eating times x4. That’s right, four times slower. That way you’ll get the full taste sensation that you’re currently missing out on and also you’ll digest your food better, getting more energy from less food.
  3. When you feel hungry, have a glass of water and wait for ten minutes. Most people mistake thirst for hunger, so when you overeat, you may, in actual fact, just be thirsty. If you’re still hungry after ten minutes have elapsed, then go ahead and eat.

Practice these simple tips and incorporate them into your daily life. You’ll be surprised the difference they make.

And if you do this and you still need help, perhaps you might consider Hypno-Band, the world’s No. 1 gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy system. For more details, click here