Stop Smoking Tips From Leading Cork Hypnotherapist

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stop smoking tips hypnotherapist corkI am a former smoker myself having smoked 50 a day until the year 2000, finally stopping with the help of a hypnotherapist. I was genuinely amazed that, after all the failed attempts, this felt just like I’d forgotten how to smoke. It worked so well that I decided to become a hypnotherapist myself and now I can share some helpful stop smoking tips with you.

Four Stop Smoking Tips

  1. The urge to smoke happens in response to triggers – in other words, you might have a coffee and feel like having a cigarette. In other words, smoking has become associated with coffee. So if you’re trying to stop smoking, why not change your drink of choice just for a week, to fruit juice, or water – something that’s not associated with smoking. You’ll be amused what happens – you just don’t feel the urge to smoke then if the drink you have chosen to replace the coffee with has no associations with smoking.
  2. Drink lots of water – water helps to flush out the toxins in your body and will help you to feel better quicker and you’ll be able to stop smoking easier
  3. Keep on thinking of all of the positive benefits of being a non-smoker and realise they far outweigh the things you’ve been getting out of smoking – it’s easy to stop smoking when it’s the best choice available
  4. Realise that you may have built up false beliefs about smoking – the funniest one is that smoking relaxes you. Ask your GP if you don’t believe what I’m about to say – from a physiological point of view, smoking activates your fight or flight syndrome as your body prepares to fight this foreign substance that is being introduced into your lungs. The end result is that, far from relaxing you, smoking actually stresses your system. Now that you know that smoking does not relax you after all – what reason is there for continuing to smoke?

All of the above advice and stop smoking tips are offered for information purposes only and are based on my own personal experience. A smoker should always consult their GP for medical advice that is appropriate to the individual.

If you still have problems in stopping smoking, you may be delighted and relieved to know that hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most successful method to stop smoking.(Newsweek, 1992).

If you need help to stop smoking, call Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist today on 086 2666670 or CLICK HERE to find the Stop Smoking Easily section of this website where you’ll find out just how easy it could be for YOU to stop smoking with hypnosis.