Smoking Cessation

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smoking cessation cork hypnosis to stop smokingSmoking Cessation –  how to stop smoking successfully with hypnosis. The first question you need to ask yourself is “Do I really want to stop smoking?”

Attempting smoking cessation to please other people doesn’t work – you must want to be smoke-free because YOU want to stop smoking, not because you’re being nagged into it, or if you’re doing it to please other people.

Once you’re sure that smoking cessation is what you want, the next question is how to stop smoking. Want to know what the most successful way to stop smoking is?

Smoking Cessation With Hypnosis

Back in 1992, Newsweek magazine published an article about the largest ever study of stop smoking methods and concluded that all other methods other than hypnosis were next to useless and provided negligible success rates. It concluded that hypnosis is by far the most successful method to achieve permanent smoking cessation.

Smoking Cessation – My Personal Story

My name is Paul Hunter and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Back in the year 2000, (before I became a hypnotherapist), I was smoking 50 a day. I tried every smoking cessation method I could think of – nicotine gums, nicotine inhalers, nicotine patches, even acupucture and nothing worked.

The longest I lasted was ten days and the cravings were brutal. A friend of mine suggested that I should try hypnotherapy. Of course, I thought this was a daft idea at first, but it gradually began to dawn on me that it was my last option – I’d tried everything else without success. So I went for my smoking cessation hypnosis session which lasted about two and a half hours and that was twelve years ago at the time of writing this – I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since. Not only that but I have had no cravings! Ever!

Smoking Cessation – Are You Ready?

All it requires is to make a decision…! Make your decision to be smoke-free for the rest of your life and then call me. We’ll arrange a smoking cessation session for you and you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life, free from the life-threatening damage that smoking causes.

The Benefits of Smoking Cessation

  • You’ll be around to share those precious family moments
  • You’ll feel more energetic
  • You’ll be able to breathe properly again
  • You’ll be able to smell properly again
  • You’ll be able to taste food properly again



When you are ready to stop smoking with smoking cessation hypnosis, get the help of Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist. Call Paul today on 086 2666670, or CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE ONLINE OR TO ARRANGE A FREE CALLBACK