How To Lose Weight

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how to lose weight corkHow To Lose Weight – Many people who are overweight have tried many diets and have learned many unhelpful things about how to lose weight. They can learn that food is points, that there are good and bad foods, that in order to lose weight you must deprive yourself, and lots of other unhelpful rubbish!

The key to successful long-term weight loss is to learn how to lose weight by emulating the eating behaviours of naturally slim people. HYPNOBAND offers you the opportunity to learn how to lose weight and eat like a naturally slim person does by convincing your mind (in hypnosis that you have a gastric band fitted that helps you to lose weight by eating less and yet feeling fuller faster.

How To Lose Weight

There are some very simple rules to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. Following these simple rules helps you to learn how to lose weight naturally and achieve the body size you have always wanted.

  • Eat slowly and consciously – eating slowly helps your digestive system to convert more of your food to energy rather storing it as fat. Eating consciously allows you to enjoy your food even more, so sit down at the table, turn off the tv or radio and give yourself the time to eat slowly and consciously.
  • Stop when you are full – In the past, you may have ignored your full signal, or eaten so fast that you don’t even give yourself time to feel the full signal. Learn to notice when you are full and then just stop eating!
  • Eat three small meals per day – if in the past you have skipped meals or perhaps had two tiny meals and one enormous meal, the key to healthier eating patterns is a little more balance in terms of the volume eaten at each meal.
  • Drinking water – our bodies are 80% water and we need water each day. On average, we need two litres of water per day and if you are not getting that much water, then it’s time to get started.
  • 30 minutes exercise per day – if you are not already getting 30 minutes of exercise per day, then make a start. Do what you can do for starters and build it up to 30 minutes of exercise every day.

How To Lose Weight – How Can Hypnosis Help?

If you are starting from a situation where you are doing none of the “how to lose weight” steps outlined above, that’s ok. The important thing is that you now have a blueprint to work towards. I offer a weight loss programme called HYPNOBAND which incorporates all of the healthy eating behaviours mentioned above, plus as part of the programme, your subconscious mind is convinced (in hypnosis) that you are having a gastric band operation during which you have a virtual gastric band fitted to your stomach which helps you to eat less and feel fuller faster.

How To Lose Weight – Arrange Your FREE ASSESSMENT Now

I offer a free one-hour assessment session to every person that contacts me wanting to know how to lose weight. This free one-hour assessment involves completing a five page health and lifestyle questionnaire which helps identify when those unhealthy eating behaviours began and why. We also calculate your BMI and set realistic and achieveable weight loss targets.


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