Fear Of Drowning Swimming Water Aquaphobia

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fear of drowning fear of water fear of swimming aquaphobia corkMany people have a fear of drowning while swimming. It generally tends to start in childhood (although not always) and can have it’s root cause in being thrown in at the deep end by a well-meaning parent who thinks that this will teach you how to swim. In many cases it has the exact opposite effect, causing you to fear the very thing they are trying to teach you to enjoy.

Fear of water, or aquaphobia is actually quite common and it is relatively simple to overcome. By using the relaxed state of hypnosis, we can use the power of your subconscious mind to help you to feel completely free of the problem.

Fear Of Drowning And You

For many people, this is very frustrating as they see their families or friends having great fun in the deep end of the pool while on holidays. Some people even refuse to fly on a plane if it involves flying over large stretches of water. This fear of drowning while swimming can really restrict your fun and enjoyment and in severe cases can cause panic and anxiety which is no longer warranted.

Fear Of Drowning – How Does It Begin?

So where did this fear originate? Well you weren’t born with a fear of drowning, so it was learned at some stage. There was some incident or event, either real, or vividly imagined, where you experienced fear or terror either in water or while thinking about it. The most obvious cause would be something like being thrown into a swimming pool at a young age when you couldn’t swim, or falling into a pond or a lake and nearly drowning. You could also vividly imagine something like this happening. A really good example of a fear that emanates from the imagination is the rise in the number of water phobia cases in the US after the release of the film “Jaws”.

Irrational Fears Explained

The brain learns so quickly and once it’s experienced that very real sensation of fear, it can generalise it to other situations that are similar. In other words, the panic and fear associated with nearly drowning once can still be felt when even standing at the side of a swimming pool. Now of course, logically, you know there’s no danger when you are just standing there, but your mind produces these same sensations in order to protect you from danger.

Overcome Your Fear Of Drowning

Because your mind learns its fear or phobia so quickly, it can unlearn it really quickly too using hypnosis and NLP.

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