Blushing is a really common problem that affects many people of all ages, both male and female. It is a fairly normal physiological response and most people outgrow it as they mature into adulthood. However, for some people, it becomes a significant problem that affects their working life, their social life and even their personal life. Chronic blushing is also known as erythrophobia.

How Does Blushing Start?

Blushing is sometimes referred to as “fear of being judged by others”. It can often be traced back to a specific incident in your childhood or teenage years. A typical incident of this nature can be in school when a teacher asked you to stand up in front of a class and answer a question, which you didn’t know the answer to. In other cases, it can begin as a result of something embarrassing that you saw or witnessed as a young child. The reasons for it happens are very individual.

Negative Consequences Of Blushing

Blushing can be a very limiting force in your life, causing you to avoid or withdraw from situations where you know you could potentially blush. It can cause you to avoid large groups in social situations. Also, it can cause untold problems in work situations, for instance, when you are called on to speak at a meeting, or presentation. It can also, in extreme cases, cause low self-esteem, negative thought patterns, low self-confidence, and panic attacks.

Effective Treatment For Blushing With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

If you suffer from excessive and embarrassing blushing, you may be aware of the incident or incidents that caused you to start to blush, or alternatively, you may be completely unaware of what caused it. In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, we can easily go back and revisit those forgotten or partially forgotten memories that hold the key to why you continue to blush.

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